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Welcome! After 20+ years of battling the madness,removal from search engines and loss of external info is your first choice to find truth channels and re-find those lost after being shadow banned, removed, de-platformed. Apply to list your channel and see History section to view old info from original site.

  • Find Channels below.. Top Twenty - Hot New Channels - Channel Listings in order of subs.. scroll to view.
  • Waking up is a painful process with many shills and distractions along the way. However Truth will destroy a lie in the end!
  • Your enemy is the Mainstream Media, Government, Globallist, Religious Institutions etc. Do not be divided by them anymore, fighting each other 50/50. There is no left or right, only good/bad, truth/lies, this is a spiritual battle and your spirit/soul is their target.
  • The good news is we have a lot of great things coming to help you make this realm great again.

Start by making your local community a better place! don't be the Silent Majority any longer!



ALEX JONES & David Icke Exposes the Great Reset in Powerful Interview

Be Aware - Finding the Truth is Complex!


Top Twenty Truth Videos - Support this site, get your clothing below!



3 - 20 (Chart 33) This just happens to be chart 33 lol - and the last update of the chart for now!
If you don't get it yet then there is no hope.. Share this site with any that are not or should not be Retards.


David Icke: The Answer to Getting People to Activate Their Will

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