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So what are YOU going to do about this?

Well! After all these years you may have now realised nothing is going to change until YOU get involved! Yes we have some great researchers and video makers but still year on year things just get worse? So below we have a step by step guide for you to follow in ORDER to start making things better right NOW. Follow these steps today and we will show you how to sort this out, finally finding the purpose, meaning and value your being desires.

#1 - Share this Link



#2 - Watch This Video


Love or hate Alex - This is whats going to happen if you do NOTHING!

#3 - Help Us - To Help You!



As you can imagine keeping this running is not cheap and hopefully now with all the censorship our efforts save you loads of time in finding the most important new videos. This we will continue to do as always. However there is so much more that needs doing and this requires your help and funding.

For people who donate/support us we are going to create a section just for YOU. This new section will help you meet people in your area Town/City (more details step #4)

We also have other opportunities for supporters once numbers grow. (Info via e-mail)

To get involved and start making the difference support us using link below. This can be a one off donation or monthly of a minimum of £1 or a $, obviously if you can give more then this will be much appreciated and help us move forward faster.

Once you have donated we will be in touch! Make sure we have contact e-mail in message (if paypal member not a problem)


Or use this link

#4 - Get Together - Stop This!



Once you have supported/donated to us we are Go... Follow Step #1 share link in your neighbourhood!

We will be in touch and request an e-mail address for inclusion on new page along with link to page. You can use existing e-mail address or recommend creating a new one especially for this purpose as not to trash your personal one. All e-mail addresses in your locality Town or City will be viewable on this new page enabling you to make contact with like minded individuals and create your own groups and meet ups. (Ideally we want to get to a minimum of 10 people in each area fast -together we can do this!)

Once your Town or City has a group we would like you to create at least one monthly meet up in a pub, club etc in your area however this is up to you and even sub groups will eventually form. From this local interaction you will be able to start understanding the changes being brought in by local government and reasons. You can then let others know in your area and ultimately bring resistance to these moves stopping further erosion of your community!

We also have other good things we are working on that we will let you know of in monthly e-mail to supporters. Local groups also will have the opportunity to raise funds for their groups independently of us! Making all stronger...

If for some reason if after 48 hours you have not received contact after supporting/donating get in touch via methods below.
Please check junk/spam folders before contacting (they don't like us lol)

Visit Contact page or e-mail

Thank you for your support!

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