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So what are YOU going to do about this?

Well! After all these years you may have now realised nothing is going to change until YOU get involved! Yes we have some great researchers and video makers but still year on year things just get worse? So below we have a step by step guide for you to follow in ORDER to start making things better right NOW. Follow these steps today and we will show you how to sort this out, finally finding the purpose, meaning and value your being desires. If you appreciate the work and information on this site you can donate with By Us a Coffee, BitCoin and other Crypto's below or support us by joining our Forum or getting your Red Pill below...
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We don't believe in you supporting us for nothing in return, so along with the great clothing on site we have now created the best social platform for subscriber interaction. SAVE yourself hours of your Time searching the Internet for latest information with the latest TRUTH news found and posted by subscribers!!
Remember FaceBook, Twitter etc are not FREE - They want and use your Data - We Don't!!
Any Social Network that wants your Phone Number is Dodgy...  

This is a private forum where you can share information, videos, join and create local/national groups etc etc.

Please be Aware - We are not looking for drifters - we are looking for doers! - This will mean WORK - Initially usually unpaid - we want researchers, business people, people with multiple skills gained from their areas of work/interests within the system that now realise they want to create something special from their energy and effort. 

More great features will be added as subscriptions grow.. Join Today for just £2.50 per month / or £26 Yearly.

Monthly subscription enables you to cancel at any time, however we know you won't want to once using this resource.
This also enables us to remove any subscribers from the platform that don't understand the divide and rule tactics of our enemy and push racial hate for example... Yearly subscription saves you money - Choose your plan below. 

If for some reason after 48 hours of subscribing you have not received your forum login details get in touch via methods below.
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#4 - Together - We Stop This!



Once YOU have subscribed we start to grow... Follow Step #1 share link in your neighbourhood!

YOU will have access to the social platform, be able to create your profile and find / introduce friends. Once your Town or City has a group we would like YOU to create at least one monthly meet up in a pub, club etc in your area however this is up to YOU. From this local interaction YOU will be able to start understanding the changes being brought in by local government and reasons. YOU can then let others know in your area and ultimately bring resistance to these moves stopping further erosion of your community!

We also have many other good things we are working on that we will let you know about via the social platform. Local groups also will have the opportunity to raise funds for their groups independently of us! Making all stronger... The rest is down to YOU , never again rely on others to do it!

Thank you for your support! social

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