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 Chemtrails / Contrails

Chemtrails or Contrails?
Whatever they are they look Ugly and may one
day have to be moved to the Ugly section.

The weather is certainly changing and this is being reported worldwide but all concerns fall on deaf ears. People are getting ill from the reported fallout of barium, aluminium and other particles.

This needs investigating now before its too late.
As you can see from other sections nothing is beyond these freaks even poisoning from the sky!



Ask Yourself ???

Chem/contrail Timelapse

Don't Talk About the Weather

see full film on youtube click here

Sunday Chemtrails

Chemtrails again, what is the real truth about this ?

Chemtrails- media silence

A day and a half of chemtrails sped up

Danger In The Sky - The Chemtrail Phenomenon

A Clear Day

Chemtrails, the day after a Clear day

Chemtrails. View My Daily Dose from London.

NYC Aerosol Activity


A Chemtrail Awakening

CHEMTRAILS in O2 TV advertisement

Chemtrails Explained Part 1 (Final Proof)

Chemtrails Explained Part 2

Chemtrails Explained Part 3


Aerosol Crimes

Chem Trails : What is wrong with our skies?





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