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    Carbon Credits - Global Warming

 During most of the last billion years the Earth
did not have permanent ice sheets. Nevertheless, at times large areas of the globe were covered with vast sheets of ice. Such times are known as glaciations. In the past 2 million to 3 million
years, the temperature of the Earth has
changed (warmed or cooled) at least 17 times, some say 33, with glaciations that last about 100,000 years interrupted by warm periods that last about 10,000 years.

Once Al Gore backed by his Rockefeller cronies
have convinced the people planet that its their
fault Carbon trading will begin and the Devil gas
(CO2 Carbon Dioxide) you breath out and plants breath will be charged for.

You will be able to buy more credits if you are
rich and you guessed it you won't be doing much
if your poor.



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